Organizing your Issues

This page serves as a guide fir organizing your articles and documents into cohesive issues.

Managing online versions of your journal is not necessarily as intuitive as organizing print copies: these articles are not bound and covered, and without a cohesive strategy for organizing your content into separate articles and issues, it could be difficult for a reader to navigate your website. These are a few key tools to use to help organize your online Journal Issues.

Creating New Issues

Creating a New Issue can help to organize articles before you publish them. By assigning articles to an issue, make them accessible to your readers, and provide a cohesive issue.

To create a New Issue, navigate to the "Issues" pane in the sidebar and select "Future Issues" you will then see an option for "Create Issue."

Assigning Articles to Issues

Without an Issue, readers cannot view your articles. You can publish articles immediately in an Issue that is already published, a "Back Issue." Or you can assign you published articles to a "Future Issue" which can collect articles and then be published all at once.

To assign your article to an issue, find the article in the "Submissions" dashboard. Once you have found the proper submission, navigate to the "Production" stage and select "Schedule for Production."

Assigning Page Numbers to Articles

In the same window where you select the issue, you can assign page numbers to you article within your issue.

These page numbers appear on the right side of the article on your journals page:

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