Melanie Hubbard, Digital Scholarship Librarian, incubator organizer (contact)

  • Topics: Introduction to DS Methodologie, User Experience; Digital Pedagogy; Open Access, Data, and Education; Text Analysis; Digital Exhibits; Story Maps

Matt Naglak, Digital Scholarship Librarian (contact)

  • Topics: Anatomy of a Digital Project, Project Evaluation, Mapping, 3D/AR, Project Planning

Allison Xu, Data and Visualization Librarian (contact)

  • Topics: Introduction to Data, Data Visualization, Network Analysis


Gabe Feldstein, Digital Publishing and Outreach Specialist (contact)

  • Topic: Open Access, Data, and Education

John FitzGibbon, Associate Director of Digital Learning Innovation (contact)

  • Topic: Center for Digital Innovation in Learning

Elliott Hibbler, Scholarly Communication Librarian (contact)

  • Topic: Intellectual Property

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