Results Export

Export data to csv file to local directory

from google.colab import files
df.to_csv('FILENAME.csv')'FILENAME.csv')  #Download winder pops out

Export data to CSV file to Google Drive

from google.colab import drive
drive.mount('/content/drive')  #Copy and paste Google Authentication code
df.to_csv('/content/drive/PATH TO Google Drive FOLDER')

Export plot image to local directory

#Export bar chart
bar_image = bar_2.get_figure().savefig('bar_image.png')
from google.colab import files'bar_image.png')  #Download window pops out

#Export line chart
line_image = line_1.get_figure().savefig('line_image.png')
from google.colab import files'line_image.png')  #Download window pops out

#Export scatter plot chart
scat_image = scatter.get_figure().savefig('scatter_image.png')
from google.colab import files'scatter_image.png')  #Download window pops out

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