¶ DS Data Projects

What is a DS Data Project?

Digital scholarship data projects usually involve data visualization and/or the creation of databases for the purposes of making data more manageable, navigable, and intelligible. Depending on the tools and methods used, different types of visualizations can be achieved and queries run for asking and answering scholarly questions. (See examples.)

What Do DS Data Projects Involve?

Among other takes, data projects require planning, the acquisition of existing data or collecting of new data, data cleaning, and structuring, and, of course, analysis. (Also see, Research Data Lifecycle.)

Where can I get DS Data Project Support at BC?

BC Libraries' Data Services facilitates, supports, and consults on data acquisition, management, curation, and visualization as well as design and provide data-related in-class instruction and workshops. BC's Research Services also provides support as well as licenses for platforms like ArcGIS.

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