Getting Started Questions

The following questions are helpful to consider when beginning a data project.

Data Acquisition

  • Are you looking for data & statistics with a time period or geography focus?

  • Are you looking for a specific data type? e.g., qualitative, qualitative, GIS, multimedia

  • Are you collecting your own data for your research?

  • Have you started searching for data sources?

  • Do you need support on data management (DMP), preservation, or sharing?

Data Manipulation

  • What data format are you using? e.g., Excel, Stata, SPSS

  • What data tasks do you need to conduct?

    • Data cleaning: the process of preparing data for analysis by removing or modifying data that is incorrect, incomplete, irrelevant, duplicated, or improperly formatted.

    • Data merging: the process of combining two or more data sets into a single data set.

    • Aggregation (Summarization): the process of gathering data and presenting it in a summarized format.

Data Visualization

  • What format does your data come in? e.g., Excel, text file, JSON, PDF, spatial

  • Do you have any preferred visualization tool you want to use?

  • Do you need help with choosing the visualization tools?

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