Project Examples

Data Visualization

  • BLM Protests 2020: A traditional GIS analysis undertaken using ArcGIS Desktop (BC Library 2021 GIS Contest Winner); Main Goal: Data Analysis, Data Visualization; Platform: ArcGIS

  • Interactive Gabii Site Map: An interactive version of a traditional GIS visualization map, focused on an archaeological site outside of Rome, Italy; Main Goal: Data Visualization; Platform: Leaflet, ArcGIS

  • Authorial London Project: The Authorial London project is compiling and mapping references to London places found in the works and biographies of writers who have lived there; Main Goal: Data Visualization (raster through historical maps, vector through location references); Platform: Leaflet/Mapbox (within a larger developed application)

  • Artists in Paris: Artists in Paris is the first project to map comprehensively where artistic communities developed in the eighteenth-century city and offer rich scope for subsequent investigations into how these communities worked and the impact they had on art practice in the period; Main Goal: Data Visualization and Filtering; Platform: Openlayers (within a larger developed application).

  • Mapping the Gay Guides: Mapping the Gay Guides aims to understand often ignored queer geographies using the Damron Address Books, an early but longstanding travel guide aimed at gay men since the early 1960s. Similar in function to the green books used by African Americans during the Jim Crow era to help identify businesses that catered to black clients in the South, the Damron Guides aided a generation of queer people to identity sites of community, pleasure, and politics. Main Goal: Data Visualization and Filtering; Platform: Leaflet within larger developed application.

Data Analysis

  • A Spatial Analysis Storymap: A clever use of an ArcGIS Online Story Map to discuss the use of spatial analysis in ArcGIS; Main Goal: Storytelling, Data Analysis; Platform: ArcGIS Online

  • Interactive Atlas of Heart Disease and Stroke: This Interactive Atlas allows you to create and customize county-level maps of heart disease and stroke across the United States; Main Goal: Data Analysis, Data Visualization; Platform: ArcGIS Online


  • Slave Revolt in Jamica, 1760-1761: This animated thematic map narrates the spatial history of the greatest slave insurrection in the eighteenth century British Empire; Main Goal: Storytelling; Platform: Leaflet

  • Arya's Journey (Game of Thrones): An interactive, multimedia storymap detailing Arya's movements across the Game of Thrones books; Main Goal: Storytelling; Platform: Knightlab Storymaps

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